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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Spurred on by yesterdays post. I decided that today would follow the fire theme. This was a performer at the Eden Project Eden Project in Cornwall (I'll move on from Cornwall with the next post). The site stayed open until 10pm and, as well as lighting up the Biomes, there were various performances of Music (Asian Dub Foundation that night) etc. This was a 5sec exposure hand held as I couldnt get close enough due to the crowd. All things considered I'm quite pleased with this.

As always, I appreciate comments (Thank you Ian for your regular thoughts - Do you have a blog yourself?) and suggestions, requests, challanges are all welcomed. I will see what I can do although it may not always be a prompt result, but will bear these things in mind.



Anonymous ian said...

I like this - the fire is a great idea for a theme.

I have two blogs - you even visited one of them once :-)

Morven Photoblog
Morven Photo: Words

14/9/05 17:29  

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