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Monday, September 12, 2005

Outdoor Theatre

Todays picture is another from my trip to Cornwall. We visited the Minack Theatre amd saw a production of 'The Tamer Tamed' by John Fletcher. He was one of Shakespeares buddies, and wrote this as a squel to The Taming of the Shew. It was produced by The Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre and was hugely entertaining and Professional. I would highly recommend visiting them in Kent. As for the Minack, it must be one of the most amazing places to watch any kind of theatre.

What prompted me to post this picture was a suprise by my partner of tickets to see A Midsummers Nights Dream (Shakespeare) in Oxford on Saturday. This time, the Creation Theatre, an Oxford favourite were in Headington Hill Park. This made for a perfect setting amongst the trees for a magical performance. I say that particularly for the use of illusions throughout the show which amazed the audience with Levitaion, appearing and disapearing from boxes and stunning visual theatre. Again, if you are in the area around Christmas, pay them a visit for 'The Snow Queen' (i'm afraid saturday was the final performance of Midsummers...).

Anyway, time for bed here, early start for work again in the Morning.
Take Care

** Update **

Ian - This one is, colour-wise, straight from the box however it has been cropped fairly heavily. I took several others however the flame kept getting cut off the frame. Therefore I used a slightly wider angle, and cropped to the feature.


Anonymous ian said...

Wow - awesome capture of flame - is that straight out of the box or enhanced in PS - either way it stands out.

13/9/05 11:19  

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